Grantee Spotlights

CEF is proud to have committed to the grants and partnerships below.

Camden Teacher Pipeline with Rowan and Relay

Creating an innovative partnership between Rowan University and Relay GSE to recruit and develop a cohort of teachers committed to building their careers in Camden’s district, renaissance, and charter schools. 

Laptops For All High School Students in the District

Partnering with local philanthropic partners to provide over 1,500 laptops to help close the digital divide during the COVID-19 epidemic.   See coverage of this gift here.

STEM Certification with New Jersey Center for Teaching and Learning

Supporting existing teachers across the city in gaining certification in the high-needs areas of science and math.

New Bilingual Setting for Students at Freedom Prep

Enabling the design and launch of a new bilingual setting for high school students using evidence-based best practices.   

Technical Assistance through New Jersey Special Education Collaborative

Making experts available to special education teams across district, charter, and renaissance schools to provide customized supports as requested by schools, including professional development, mock compliance audits, data analysis, and financial planning.

Instructional Quality Support at Mastery

Supporting Mastery’s transition to new, highly-rated K-8 math and literacy curricula by enabling additional coaching and support in the first year of implementation.