Black Lives Matter. Read our statement here.

Narrowing the Gap

In June 2021, ImpactED, a research and evaluation center based at the University of Pennsylvania, released a report examining changes in enrollment and academic performance in Camden’s public schools over the past six years.  

The report, entitled Narrowing the Gap: A Longitudinal Analysis of Enrollment and Student Performance in Grades 3-8, finds that, across grades 3-8, Camden schools have narrowed the gap between city and state proficiency in both math and reading since 2014. 

The report’s key findings include: 

  • Since 2014, across grades 3-8, Camden schools have narrowed the proficiency gap with the state in both math and reading

  • Since 2014, student proficiency in Camden has nearly doubled across grades 3-8 in both math and reading

  • In nearly every elementary and middle grade, student proficiency has increased since 2014 and the proficiency gap with the state has narrowed

  • In 2019-20, as in prior years, renaissance schools enrolled a similar proportion of students with disabilities as district schools

  • Since 2014, enrollment of students with disabilities has increased in both charter and renaissance schools and has decreased in district schools


We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.  George’s story is the story of too many Black Americans – Ahmaud Arbery, Breona Taylor, Trayvon Martin, and so many more, named and unnamed by the media— brutally and senselessly killed.

This loss of Black life and our persistent failure to bring those responsible to account expose the most grotesque, painful truth about our nation: the enduring legacy of white supremacy.  

We will not heal until things change.    

Camden Education Fund stands in solidarity with the Black community.    

We remain deeply committed to bringing resources to support our public schools and the extraordinary youth-serving organizations in Camden, as we believe these are the institutions with the greatest potential to show our children, daily, that their lives and dreams matter.     

The reality is that all organizations – ours included – have so much more work to do.  We will hold ourselves accountable to building an organization that advances equity, promotes understanding, and dismantles racist structures.