Our Vision

Camden Teacher Pipeline is a partnership between the Camden Education Fund, Rowan University, and Relay Graduate School of Education. The program is designed to:

  • attract new teachers to Camden
  • provide them with hands-on training and support
  • align their student teaching experience with schools that anticipate hiring for the upcoming year.

The goal is to create a sustainable pipeline of high-potential educators for the city of Camden, while providing aspiring teachers with the support and community to successfully launch their career.

Our Partners

 Rowan University, formed in 1923 as a school to train teachers, has evolved into a comprehensive public research university with a strong regional reputation. Working directly with the Office of Clinical Experience, the Camden Teacher Pipeline recruits and selects aspiring educators who express interest in the opportunities found in urban education. 

• Relay GSE is provides practice-based training to supports.  As part of CTP, Relay provides student teachers with monthly professional development sessions, called Deliberate Practice sessions. Each session builds on skills students have learned at their university by presenting models across subject areas and incorporating deliberate practice.”

• Camden Education Fund is non-profit organization that provides grants and builds programs and partnerships to continue the progress in Camden’s public schools system.  Camden Teacher Pipeline is a program of Camden Education Fund.

The Camden Teacher Pipeline currently partners with Camden City School District (CCSD), Freedom Prep, Hope Community Charter School, KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy, Camden Charter Network, and Mastery Schools of Camden to place student teachers

We would like to partner with additional networks in Camden!  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jonathan Garr, Director of School Investments, at jgarr@camdenedfund.org

Program Overview

There are four components of the Camden Teacher Pipeline Program. CTP students receive support throughout their clinical placement year and through spring hiring.

Step 1: Coursework

Students take required coursework at their university or college.

Step 2: Clinical Placement Year

Students complete their full-year clinical practice (student teaching) requirement at a Camden school, with support and training from CTP.

Step 3: Hiring Process

Students are considered for full-time roles at their placement Networks/District.

CTP provides supports to students in the application and hiring process.

Step 4: First Year Teaching

Students hired continue to receive training from Relay Graduate School of Education in their first year of teaching.
Training is customized for this cohort.

Program Supports

Student Stipends

The Camden Teacher Pipeline provides students with stipends during their Clinical Practice year
($4,000 – $6,000)

Deliberate Practice

Once a month, students will receive hands-on training through sessions led by Relay Graduate School of Education

Test Support

CTP works with Rowan University to ensure students have the resources and tools they need to be successful on the EdTPA.

Hiring Placement

During the fall semester, CTP works with students to refine their resume and develop a hiring plan to support their Camden job hunt.

Recruitment Process

Meet School Leaders

At the beginning of the recruitment process, students have the opportunity to meet participating schools and learn more about each school type. Currently, the Camden Teacher Pipeline supports district, charter, and renaissance schools in Camden.

Sign-up for Interviews

Students then sign up for a 30-minute interview with a District or Network lead. This is an opportunity for students to learn more about each of the participating schools and for the school to learn about students.


During the first interview, students have an opportunity to practice their professional interview skills and get to assess whether the campus will be a good fit.

Site Visits

Based on interviews, schools invite students for an in-person or virtual site visit. Students are encouraged to conduct multiple site visits.

Submit School Rankings

Students then rank the schools they interviewed and provide feedback about the interview and site visit. 

Schools also share their rankings with the Camden Teacher Pipeline. We work with our partners to ensure that each match meets the needs of students and schools.

Receive Matches

Students are notified about matches and next steps. This includes signing up for Praxis II and reaching out to the assigned Cooperating Teacher.


Student Teacher Testimonials

Camden Teacher Pipeline has allowed me to learn and grow immensely as a student-teacher. I would highly recommend this program to Rowan students. The support that I have received in the deliberate practice sessions is priceless.

Kyra McMullen


Overall, my experience has been amazing! I am placed in the ideal school for me, and because of this program, I am networking and building relationships with teachers and administrators to potentially teach there.

Arelis Alvarez, Rowan University ’20


I grew so much as an educator and as a person, and I only hope that more students see the benefits of this program and more students join as they prepare for their clinical year. I couldn’t imagine teaching in Camden without the support I received from this amazing program.

Alyssa Webb, Rowan University ’19

The deliberate practices have helped me tune my teaching abilities and made me more confident. I am so grateful for the time and support that was given throughout the whole process. 

Yanitza Mendez, Rowan University ’19

The Camden Teacher Pipeline was very beneficial to me during my time at Rowan because it supplied me with an excellent support system of colleagues and leaders. The pipeline helped me to tap into the skill of self reflection and gives me an opportunity to go back to my hometown and help the learners of the next generation.

Terence Jones, Rowan University ’20

"This program had definitely been helpful. It has benefited me in the classroom and given me an opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics that I normally would not get to talk about in other settings."
Ashley Rutter
Rowan University Fall ‘20

Partner Testimonials

"The Camden Teacher Pipeline prepares ethical, reflective, collaborative, and visionary teacher-leaders. Teachers in the pipeline are inspired to use the power of teaching to deepen student learning, transform school, and increase educational equity."

- Jacqueline Wynn , Mentor Teacher , Cramer School

The Camden Teacher Pipeline is transformational in that it has allowed our pre-service teachers to experience working in beautiful, diverse school settings alongside supportive administrators and teachers, all while expanding on Rowan’s vision of Access, Success, Equity…..turning research into practice.

- Erica Watson-Brown - Rowan University Lecturer & Initial Teaching Program Coordinator

Contact Us

The Camden Teacher Pipeline currently partners with Camden City School District (CCSD), Freedom Prep, Hope Community Charter School, KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy, Camden Charter Network, Uncommon Schools, and Mastery Schools of Camden to place student teachers.

We would like to partner with additional networks in Camden!  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jonathan Garr, Director of School Investments, at jgarr@camdenedfund.org.